The first Model T parts every new owner should buy are these:

The Model T Ford is relatively simple, but it's different from other cars. If you just dive right into working on it without any warning of what to look for, you're likely to be surprised by something you don't expect. In some cases you can unwittingly do damage that will cost you lots of expense and hassle.

The wise approach for a new T owner is to get the Model T Ford shop manual, available from most of the parts dealers, and the MTFCA books on The Engine, The Transmission, The Electrial System, The Front and Rear Axles, and others. The MTFCA books are available from most of the parts dealers, and from the MTFCA website.

Equipped with these books, the new owner has detailed step by step instructions when he works on his T.  If there's anything you don't get from the books, there are dozens of experienced Model T guys and gals ready to share their knowledge with you. They're waiting for you on the three main online Model T forums:



Ford Barn Forum

When you get into your new T and start becoming acquainted with it, you may want to learn about the history of the car and how it evolved over the nineteen years of its production.  Probably the most important resource in this field is Bruce McCalley's magnum opus, The Model T Ford Encyclopedia. A truncated version is available online at the MTFCA website. The complete work, with a lot of extras, is available on CD from:

 Barb McCalley
308 Cottingham Court
Allison Park, PA 15101              (412) 364-0561     

Barbara Mccalley <gourmetbarbara2@verizon.net>

Also useful in determining what's "correct" for a particular year are
two volumes by Gail Rodda, the Parts Identification Guide, Volumes I and II.

Gail Rodda
2230 Camp Road
Solomon, KS    67480-8825        (785) 655-3937